This time would be different. I was worn out on conferences - tired of feeling like my resume mattered more than my heart. I was tired of being just known enough by those involved in my wheelhouse conferences, but not enough to ever be invited to the table in any fashion. I was tired of … Continue reading Zebras.


My daughter turns 10 years old one week from today. My entire week has become devoted to planning the ultimate Minecraft party. We celebrate birthdays quite enthusiastically around here. Let me tell you why.   My Bella is a medically fragile child. I just learned that term about a year ago when a professional referred … Continue reading 10.


Yesterday, on Facebook, a pastor wrote the following:: Don't hide your scars. They are a testament to God's grace and your fortitude. Our scars can even serve as encouragement and wisdom to many.   When Bella had her broviac catheter inserted into her vena cava, one of my first questions to the surgeon was :: … Continue reading Scars

Day 20

Today is Day 20. For twenty days now, we have been "grounded" in our flat, following Bella's surgery. And I must tell you - it absolutely FEELS like 20 days. Time has not flown by in this regard. Yes, I have had some great times out of the flat, but I must be honest and … Continue reading Day 20