So far this summer, I have been living in a state of anticipations.

Admittedly, that is not an ideal way to traverse through daily life, and yet, that has been my reality as it has afforded me the ability to realize that the last six weeks have been a season.

And during this season, many of you have been there with us. And you have brought us comfort, meals, gifts, chocolate, and wine. We are so very grateful for all of it. My prayer is that you know that – really know that.

In a week, Bella will have her next appointment. Bella is now able to walk around the apartment. She is wobbly and her gait resembles more of a duck than a human, but we are proud of the progress she is making. For this appointment, we will set up her physical therapy, as well as have her feet placed into special molds that will then be used to create shoes just for her. Our hope is that there is a variety of styles to choose from – preferably pink. And with cute animal faces of some sort. Personally, I am hoping the only option looks like it was designed by Converse or Doc Marten.

But that’s just me.

This week also marks a season of transition for our family.

If you did not already know, I have a little organization called Someone’s Child. I founded it about two years ago when my heart was broken over human trafficking. It is an organization to engage moms to use their unique gifting to fight human trafficking. I love what I do so much. Here is an article about what I do::

Carrie’s Troops for Someone’s Child

About a month ago, a long-awaited prayer was answered for me. An organization (from which this blog was taken) decided to take us under their wing officially. It means I get to collaborate, have accountability, and finally fundraise for a salary. So, as of August 1st, we are officially an Alliance Partner of Live58, and my official title will be Director of Someone’s Child.

Admittedly, I am nervous. My full-time job the last nine years has been to be the mother of my two girls. Bella’s care has been a full-time job in of itself! And having this time with Abeni before she  starts Kindergarten is something for which I will always be grateful.

But it is time.


I would not be me if I were not looking on to the next thing.

And that next thing involves

vacation planning!


What joy it brings me to get to plan some time of respite and celebration for our family as we transition from one season to the next. It is unexpected. Admittedly, it is way more fun to scout out a place for us to vacation than planning blood draws, doctor visits, medicine administrations, phone calls with insurance, etc.

And it means Bella will not have access to an electronic device for over 24 hours.

Pray for her.



Bella is excited about walking!

Bella is excited about walking!

I hope the levity and celebration of of this post brings a smile to your face.

God is good.

All the time.

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