This past weekend, we moved.

As I was placing our coveted Czech etched glass into a cupboard, one shelf toppled over.

I looked down at my feet to find them surrounded by hundreds of pieces of broken glass.

We lost a set of wine glasses and a set of champagne glasses – gifts from Martin’s grandparents for our wedding ceremony and our 10th year wedding anniversary.

These sets were a part of the grandparents’ own collection.


Glasses that literally survived a country’s remarkable history.pb-1-1024x682





I have been thinking about Lent.

I have been thinking about what it represents – the time Jesus spent in the wilderness.

A lot of people in my life right now are feeling like those broken shards of glass, lying at the feet of Jesus.

I have been thinking about how that time Jesus spent in the wilderness was for us. For you and for me. He understands desperation. And longing. And hopelessness.

And because of this, in our own devastation and hopelessness, it is ONLY God that can put all of those pieces back together –

thus creating something much more extraordinary and beautiful than the most intrinsic piece of etched glass.



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