God Made Adam and Eve. And Steve.

The conversation continues – that ugly banter of “my right is so much more right than your right.”
It really is sickening, isn’t it?

And I find myself often asking, where does my heart lie as a woman of faith?


Like so many, I grew up in the Church. And whereas I am able to say I am no longer necessarily a card-carrying product of that upbringing in its entirety, I must be completely honest with myself by admitting that being a


(Upper) Middle Class,


Woman of Faith

is undoubtedly the filter through which I have come to perceive the world around me.


And as self-aware as I may be, I also got an A in grad school statistics, therefore
I am aware of the concept.



Statistically, that filter through which I see life is


It is.

Can we all just admit that about ourselves, no matter where we fall on the spectrum?

Our perception is UNRELIABLE.


So, then what?

Well, here’s the thing. I believe the way in which I can continue to re-adjust my perception of the world in which I live is to continue to strive to be a woman of faith through prayer and humility and study,




And by relationships, I mean entering into friendships with people

who do NOT look, act, and respond to life around them




And by doing so, you know what I have discovered?

10% of what I believe remains true – true-to-the-very-core-of-my-being – true.

90% is, well, not.

God MADE Adam and Eve.

And Steve.

And Manuel.

And Sarai.

And Muhammed.

And Tigist.

And Arman.

And Bae.

And Chin.

And Naira.

And Imani.

And George.

And Miroslava.

And Destiny.

And in the end, if I truly believe we are all made in the image of God, how can I not cling to that 10% which cries out

God is LOVE.



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