I Will Not Turn My Back.

Pregnant with her fourth, Mama and her three children under the age of five were found sleeping on the grass outside of Denny’s.

Through a series of benevolent and authentic followers of Jesus, Mama and her babies ended up at “Brother Tito’s” (name changed) home – a home that has unexpectedly become a refuge for many a family in dire circumstances.

Tonight, I brought by warm blankets, pillows, medicine for two of the kiddos with colds, as well as some other items.

The family is living in “Brother Tito’s” van right now, which is snugly parked in the garage, has been rigged with a bit of electricity, and is invitingly decorated with stuffed animals and the sounds of content and worry-free chatter.

Tito told me that recently his neighbors complained to the owner about the activity at his home. The owner called Tito to learn more about the situation. Tito has already developed a respectful rapport with the owner, having graciously been available to fix things around the property when needed.

The property owner asked Tito why he would make himself, his family, and his home and resources available in this way.

Tito simply replied,


“Because of what God has so graciously done for  me,

I simply cannot turn my back on those He puts in my path.

I will not turn my back.”


His property owner was so moved by Tito’s strength of character, that not only did he promise to support Tito by appeasing the neighbors, he also asked how he too might be of help.


I’m curious.

Did you hear about Tito on the news tonight?




I had never met Tito before tonight. I have never met the woman that told me about the Mama in need, the wish list of supplies for her family, as well as Tito’s address for the drop off.

I am just a part of a network of people who simply refuse to turn their backs on another in need.

It really is that simple.

Tonight, after spending some time reading the latest incidents in the news, I found myself discouraged – the hope just drained right out of me. And then the network kicked in this afternoon – a reminder that God is already up-to-the-elbows immersed in all of the details.

There are many, MANY networks such as this all over the world.

In Gaza.

At the Mexican/American border.

In the Ukraine.

In your neighborhood.

You won’t hear about them in the news.
You won’t read about them in a magazine, famous for “America’s Top 100 ______.”

But they are out there.
And they are cunning,







Many of you reading this are already in the club.


I’m a FAN.







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