I sat under its shade.

Shoes off.

Barefoot amidst the blades of grass.

I even whispered to it, thanking it for its shade, acknowledging that we both honor the same Creator.

And it whispered back to me, using the wind to carry its voice through the fluttering of its leaves.

I spent a good deal of time looking up, admiring the virility of the branches, the hardiness of the leaves, the fruitfulness of the acorns.

I certainly was not the only creature who found it beneficial to be here. Squirrels, birds of different feathers, and the buzzing of insects also paid homage to it and gleaned what they needed from it.


As the Autumn sun shone that day, my thoughts drifted to the idea of Harvest. This season represents the gathering of the ripe fruit that has been previously planted, watered and nurtured.

How is it that my companion came to be fruitful? How is it that I, along with other creatures of the earth, are able to enjoy all that it has to offer us so freely – such a celebration of the very thing it was created to do?

It’s the roots.


Its roots run deep.
And wide.

And it is interesting to me that they are unseen.
The very part of it that gives it life and allows it to be fruitful is beneath the surface.

It is not the part of it that is noticed.
It is not the part of it that shows well.

And yet, if it were not for the HEALTH of the roots, it could not grow.
It could not provide.
It could not bear fruit.

As I enjoy my favorite time of year, the Harvest, I want to be mindful of where the fruit comes from and what is needed in order for it (and me) to bear fruit.





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