To My Husband.

We met across the ocean.
Under the shadow of a beautiful Bohemian cathedral, cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and the best beer in the world – architecture

we fell in love.

And it was the controversial type of love, as I was his teacher and he was a student in my conversation class. Upon completion of my job, we were both surprised to discover that
“my best friend is in love with me!”


We came back to the States – an international couple trying to fit into the box of “Carrie’s Past Life”


We got married, and had three weddings, to be exact.
A secret one before a judge to obtain that coveted green card.
One in a beautiful Czech meadow laden with wildflowers, a pig roasting on a spit, and enough Czech beer to allow for the most shy Czech family member to cut loose on the dance floor.



And our final wedding, which united our Czech and American families, again – outside amidst white roses, tea lights floating in water, and a lovely CA red wine.



We became parents.

And we discovered both grief and hope simultaneously –
with two children in heaven and two still on earth.

One who is a constant reminder of how different our family is, as well as a glorious beacon of hope and the miraculous.

One who is a gift we dared to ask for, and who also lives in a constant tension between two families – one known, one unknown.

And as a result, my husband became a father.
And folks – he is so very, very good at it.


As Martin’s grandfather said,


“How many couples can boast that they BOTH gave their daughter LIFE?”


You see, I birthed our eldest Bella, and Martin gave his kidney to her in order that she might live beyond a year.

I’ll never forget the day we found out that Martin was a perfect match as a donor. Not ONCE, even behind closed doors, did I ever hear Martin express fear or hesitancy about this decision. In fact, upon receiving the news, Martin’s response was,”Okay – what do I need to do in order to be the best possible donor?”

That is the character of my husband and how he lives out his role as a father.
Not only would he lay down his life for his daughters, but he lives his life daily enthusiastically putting his family first.


When Martin asked me to marry him overlooking the sunset on the cliffs of Mendocino, I of course said yes, and then I said to him::


  “Thank you for saving me from a life without you.”



Dear Martin,

as we celebrate Father’s Day today,

Thank you.
Thank you for saving me and your girls from a life without you.

Our lives are so much MORE than I could have ever dreamt possible
thanks to you.

Bella, Abeni, and I adore you.
To the moon and back.


Martin taking his girls on a tour of his hometown.

7 thoughts on “To My Husband.

      • I love reading your blog entries and Facebook posts! Wish we lived closer so I could hear all of your updates in person. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandy. And THANK YOU for being such an integral part of our journey as a couple and a family. We are so thankfulto God for your family. Please wish Dick a Happy Father’s Day from us! 🙂

  1. This brings to mind one of the greatest of all movie romance scenes. It is from National Treasure.

    Abigail: You know, people don’t talk that way anymore.

    Ben: I know. But they think that way.

    Well said, Carrie. Well said.


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