Day 2. And 3.

I have been thinking about this word a lot lately.

Tell the truth.
What is truth?
What is my truth?
Stay true to your truth.

Over the past six months, I have been on my own journey of seeking truth.
I have been researching the history of racism in this country.
I have been committed to this, spending hours and hours researching, reading books, listening to podcasts, visiting museums, and watching documentaries.
And as I have delved into this, I have also gone through every single stage of grief.


I find, as of late, that I need to be careful how I utilize this word.
Truth is not a synonym for perspective.
Truth is not shaped solely by our life experiences, so happenstance.
I do not believe that the desire to seek out “our own truth” is necessarily complete, either.

I believe the Giver of All Things is the sole revealer of Truth for each and every one of us.
I believe the Giver of All Things longs to reveal Truth to us, and yet, I believe our nature is filled with resistance, and as a result – we create truth from fear.

We create truth from fear because if we are completely honest – asking the Giver of All Things to reveal Truth to us takes a considerable amount of courage and humility.
Most likely – what God will reveal to us will knock us off our feet.
It has the potential to completely shift paradigms we have held for most of our lives.
Most likely – seeking Truth will not only change how we see the other, it will change how we see ourselves and force us to come face to face with certain things we have held dear or we have clung to and
sudden –

we learn that

it is

         not of God.
                                                                      At all.


What then?
Let’s be honest – we do not want to go there.

Fear and Truth cannot coexist.
If one is to try to seek Truth cloaked in fear,
one will inevitably have created one’s own truth that looks quite similarly to
unyielding rightness,
even hate.

And yet Truth is what sets us free.
That is the irony.
Seeking Truth that the Giver of All Things, the Great Reconciler, so graciously wants to bestow on us is one of our most under-utilized gifts.
Our resistance is understandable because it is the ultimate letting go of all that we have worked so hard to create and barricade ourselves with, and as such –
we are bound and choked by it, and the worst part?
Most of the time we do not even know it.

Where will you seek Truth in your life today?



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