Bella asked me tonight if I remembered the day of her birth. Boy, do I. I remember so many things, and yet, there is so much I do not remember. I remember the roads to the hospital - the route we took so many times. Too many times. I remember the look on my doctor's … Continue reading Remember.


She and her Little approach the heavy, engraved door and knock. A faint "come in" compels her to enter. The home is a bustle of giggling girls, chatting moms, the sure-tell signs of festivity. Her Little runs to greet her friends, immersing herself in a craft and handing her gift directly to the birthday girl - … Continue reading She.


My daughter turns 10 years old one week from today. My entire week has become devoted to planning the ultimate Minecraft party. We celebrate birthdays quite enthusiastically around here. Let me tell you why.   My Bella is a medically fragile child. I just learned that term about a year ago when a professional referred … Continue reading 10.