When I was in sixth grade, I got a demonstrable case of acne. And back in the day, the prescribed treatment was to avoid chocolate and to apply an alcohol-based stringent to my face twice a day. Always the over-achiever, I applied at least four or five times a day resulting in a permanent tomato-hued face. … Continue reading Marta

Draw Near

I ran out of peppermint cocoa this morning. Just like that. Not a single ounce to add to my morning coffee, nor console me that the fifth day of Pacific Northwest rain is not so terrible.   My medically fragile daughter, recently diagnosed with anemia, is home today. It is "that time of the month" … Continue reading Draw Near


"Carrie - do not hold on too tight." I scoffed at our beloved neonatologist when he said this. We were standing over the examining table, inspecting Bella's double lumen port that lead to her vena cava. She had just had this life giving mechanism inserted the week before and really this appointment was to scrutinize me … Continue reading 12.

Keep Your Mouth Shut! Silencing the Voice of Default.

Tomorrow, I am missing out on an event I had been looking forward to attending for MONTHS. My mom's non-profit, Wellspring, is hosting an intimate one day retreat led by Eugene Peterson. Eugene Peterson is a favorite author - one whose writing has resonated with me and has been an integral part of various stages … Continue reading Keep Your Mouth Shut! Silencing the Voice of Default.