The Dolphin Glass


Let me introduce you to the dolphin glass.

This glass is the most coveted item in our kitchen.

It is the source of insurmountable elation and contention in my household.

You see – one of my children decided this was her favorite glass, and in giving it such high value and by holding it in such high esteem, the other child could not resist the urge to put the same level of value on it as well. And in doing so, the dolphin glass (from Ikea and cost under a dollar) has become the source of the worst fights my daughters have participated in this summer.

A dolphin glass.

Lacking any substantial value until human nature stepped in.

As I washed out this dolphin glass after dinner tonight, I found myself thinking about how easily rivalry finds my daughters. I started smiling to myself as I thought about how silly and childish my daughters are to have placed so much value on something so value-less.

And then, suddenly, my thoughts drifted and I found myself wondering::

What is my dolphin glass?

What are the things in my professional and/or personal life that I have put so much value on that I am not only not willing to share, I am fiercely protective of that thing?

Am I really arrogant enough to believe that it was ever really mine in the first place?!?

I do not know about you, but I need to give away the dolphin glass.

I need to continue to work on my collaborative spirit.

I need to be more aware that anything I have accomplished or contributed to this world does not belong to me, and that by giving it away freely and with open arms, I honor the One who is the


Giver of Gifts.

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