I Am Enough

We talk about dreams a lot.
Have you noticed?

In fact, we are an entire nation built upon them.
We are a nation that freely bares our soul, shares our stories, and as such-
people come from all over the world in pursuit of their own.

I certainly am a dreamer.
If I were to describe it on my resume, I would reframe that as I am a visionary.

And as I look around me, much of what I see is a result of dreams I have had over the years.
And there are many more still tucked away!

What do we do with those dreams that will never come to fruition?

I believe it is important to recognize that there is so much value just in the art of dreaming.
I believe we should never be afraid of those big dreams – the ones that cause us to tremble in our boots.
I believe it is important to remind ourselves that if a particular dream does not become a reality, it is not a direct result of a fault in us.

About a week ago, I bought myself this necklace.



My life right now does not even remotely mirror any dream I have on file.

I am homeschooling my daughter whose early trauma is now manifesting itself as PTSD. And as we provide our daughter with all the amazing services we are so fortunate to have available to her, the courageous work she is doing causes her to get physically ill.

Our youngest, who is in Kindergarten, is struggling a bit in school, so we have begun the testing needed to determine if she has a unique learning style. In the meantime, she has make up work to do every night and also needs extra attention.

By the end of the day, I am so depleted that I could cry.
And often, I do – especially if I find myself staring at images of other’s adventures and travels and exciting work and girls’ nights out.

I am not exaggerating when I say there are times when I literally WOULD give my right arm for a shack on the beach. To myself.

As I write this, I know of so many women who resonate with this – who would stand in solidarity with me, fist bump, and toast with a Starbucks Drive-Thru.

So, back to my necklace.

Do I believe it?
Do I feel it?

Do I truly believe that not only I AM ENOUGH,
but that the Giver Of All Things also whispers in my ear, 

“Carrie – I AM ENOUGH.”

I need to keep dreaming.
I am guessing you do, too.

And when those dreams become a reality, they are worthy of celebrating.
And sharing.
And we need to be better about celebrating the dreams of others that have been shared.

And when those dreams do not come to pass-
“I am enough.
He is Enough”.

“I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly
John 10:10b

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