Draw Near

I ran out of peppermint cocoa this morning. Just like that. Not a single ounce to add to my morning coffee, nor console me that the fifth day of Pacific Northwest rain is not so terrible.   My medically fragile daughter, recently diagnosed with anemia, is home today. It is "that time of the month" … Continue reading Draw Near

Day 8.

We all know what is going to happen here, don't we? As I stare out at the vast array of pumpkins showing off under the blue sky and autumnal sun, it really is quite obvious. The search for the perfect pumpkin ensues. Cinerella Casper white Jack O' Lantern Sweet Dumpling Galeux d' Eysines Jarrahdale No … Continue reading Day 8.


"Carrie - do not hold on too tight." I scoffed at our beloved neonatologist when he said this. We were standing over the examining table, inspecting Bella's double lumen port that lead to her vena cava. She had just had this life giving mechanism inserted the week before and really this appointment was to scrutinize me … Continue reading 12.


The roots of a tree in our backyard. In January. Exposed. Battling the elements. The connectors between the fruit, the trunk, branch, and leaf. The exposed roots continue underground. You can't see them. The roots that seek out nourishment, sustaining the tree - in its entirety.   The roots of the tree in our backyard. … Continue reading Exposed.


I am sharing here an article that I wrote for READY magazine with their permission. I cannot recommend this magazine highly enough and hope that you will click on this link to sign up to receive their quarterly publication via print or download. Start by getting January's publication entitled, "Shattering the Myths". I am very … Continue reading Unjustified.